7 Team building tips in the time of Covid-19 for Remote Teams

7 Team building tips in the time of Covid-19 for Remote Teams

2 November 2020

What a weird old world we are living in at the moment, eh? Remember when being “locked in” meant your teammates could buy you out with a crystal instead? The cabin fever might be starting to set in, as many workers continue to work from home and as the world adjusts to this “new normal” that people seem to be talking about.

We’ve baked banana bread, we’ve watched copious amounts of streaming services, and we’ve certainly stocked up on alcohol – but in all this, have we considered how we are managing our teams through this time?

Remote working has thrust managing virtual teams into being one of the most important skills for a leader of any team, which may seem like a daunting prospect but with some super fun ideas and resources you can easily become a virtual team building pro!

“Why is team building so important anyway?” I hear the cynics in the back cry.

“Teams don’t have to have fun to stay productive”.

Well, maybe you are right, you don’t have to, but it certainly helps (and who is against fun, anyway?).

Collaboration certainly drives workplace performance, and that hasn’t stopped just because we aren’t seeing each other face to face at the moment.

With a few adjustments and a bit of camaraderie, your teams can conference-call-based-team-fun themselves into workplace glory.

We’re just going to assume here that you’ve got the video conferencing software down, and are all over the team collaboration apps.

What we can do, as the ultimate team building experience, is give you a few tips on some virtual fun you can have with your teams, from the comfort of your own Covid-19 induced working bubble.

7 Tips for Team Building for Remote Teams

1. Friendly Competitions

Casual competition is always a lighthearted way of keeping a team bond going. Think low-key, fun activities, where people can show off their hidden talents.

2. Great WFH Bake off

Why not put those newly acquired baking skills to good use and do an old-fashioned bake off? Yes, the judges will have to take your word on whether it tastes good, but obviously the decoration is what matters, right?

3. Photo Competition

We’re not saying you have to have full on photoshoots, but in the age of smart phones, why not pick a subject for people to interpret how they wish and have a photo competition? You never know who has a hidden eye for photography.

4. OOTD (outfit of the day, for those not down with the lingo) Competition

Quarantine, but make it fashion. Who can come up with the best home office outfit?

5. Spread some joy

Good news is always a great way to boost moral. The Good News Network  is a great place to start, but even national news outlets have feelgood stories buried at the bottom of the page. Use your collaboration channels to encourage a good news fest.

6. Volunteering

Of course, it is important for your teams to look after themselves, but if they are in a position to help others they can find open calls for help at sites like Idealist and Covid Projects.

7. Dome from Home

We’ll leave you here with, what we think is, our best idea (not that we’re biased).

We’ve been thinking a lot about how we can come to you, in a time where it is more difficult for you to come to us. So, we’ve created some Dome from Home packages, for you and your teams to play from your bubble.

The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience is the ultimate team experience; we’ve got motivation, team building, and some (healthy!) competition… we’ve really got everything!

With our new virtual experiences you’ll have to communicate and work together to overcome the Maze and the puzzles it has in store for you.

There are two options available;

Option1: Download at home – FREE

A FREE downloadable pack which can be played by teams at home.

You will form a team of four players, connected via video conference software and will solve new Crystal Maze style puzzles as a team.

Each of you will have a unique interactive PDF document on your screen, each player having a unique perspective of each game – one of you might have the instructions, one of you might have to solve the puzzle! You will have to work together and scream at the screen just like you did in the 90s!

Take the virtual team challenge.

Option2: Virtual Maze from Home

The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience has created a ‘play the maze at home’, hosted by one of our very own Maze Masters, which will see your team play a virtual Maze.

That’s right! Your Maze Master will take you through all 4 zones, where you’ll play either a skill, physical, mental, or mystery game.

The Virtual Team Challenge consists of all new Crystal Maze style games of varying difficulty and style, to make sure there is something challenging for everyone! Each of you will get an opportunity to solve games and you all get to join in with all the games, just like at the Live Experience!

All this will culminate with a virtual Dome, so best get winning those virtual crystals!

Virtual Maze from Home at a Glance

If you are interested in either of these for your team, fill out an enquiry form here and one of our friendly team will happily help you out.

We can’t wait to welcome you back, as you make your way back into the workplace, but in the meantime – happy virtual team building!