The Naughty and Nice list Revealed…

The Naughty and Nice list Revealed…

8 December 2021

After making a list and checking it twice, we’ve named Jack as the ‘naughtiest’ name of 2021 with one in ten Britons (12 percent) encountering a troublesome Jack.

The UK’s naughtiest boys’ and girls’ names for 2021:

Boys Girls
Jack Jade
Jake Megan
Jordan Chloe
Liam Jessica
Harry Katie

Although it seems like a lot of people will be getting coal this year based on the naughty list, the research also revealed the UK’s top ‘nice’ names. Charlotte was revealed as the top name with 16 percent of Brits knowing charming Charlottes, followed by Emily (15 percent) and Emma (15 percent). This is good news for Princess Charlotte, Emily Atack and Emma Watson who can expect lots of gifts on Christmas Day.

Our research, supported by behavioural psychologist Jo Hemmings, also reveals that a third of Brits (33 percent) believe that someone’s name can impact their personality. Men are also more likely to believe that a person’s name can influence their personality with two in five men (39 percent) admitting to this, compared to a quarter (27 percent) of women.

Furthermore, a fifth of people (18 percent) admit to judging others on their names. Men are more likely to be judgmental when it comes to names with a quarter of men (25 percent) admitting to doing so, compared to just one in ten women (11 percent).

With Crystal Maze LIVE Experiences in both London and Manchester, the research looked at how people around the UK perceive others and their names. People living in Greater London are most likely to say that they would judge someone by their name (33 percent) compared to 20 percent of people living in and around Manchester.

Behavioural psychologist Jo Hemmings commented on the findings: “A lot can be taken from a name. It is key to our self-identity and how people communicate with us when we first meet them. Psychological research confirms that if you have an unusual or distinct name, you are more likely to pursue a more unusual career. Or if your name is associated with a famous person, people may judge you on your name or expect you to behave like that person and adjust to that behaviour in some way.

“It’s no surprise to see that the research by The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience reveals a third of Brits believe that someone’s name can impact their personality, because it is something many of us have experienced for ourselves. If we feel ‘judged’ by our names – which a fifth of people admitted to – we are very likely to respond behaviourally, often subconsciously, to that judgement. So, there is more science to those naughty and nice names than we might expect!”

Tom Lionetti-Maguire, CEO and Founder of Little Lion Entertainment Limited, said: “We’re welcoming everyone this Christmas, whether you’re on the naughty or nice list, to help save Christmas by collecting crystals to enter the Crystal SnowDome. Luckily for me, alongside the names Matthew (11 percent) and Christopher (10 percent), Thomas (10 percent) was voted the UK’s nicest names!”

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The research of 2,011 Britons aged 18 and over was conducted by Opinion Matters on behalf of The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience during November 2021. Names selected to be included in the survey were based on top names from the past 20 years via ONS.