Corporate Hire

at The ALL NEW Crystal Maze LIVE Experience in London

Opening Spring 2019 – The ALL NEW Crystal Maze LIVE Experience is London’s newest ultimate team experience, so it’s perfect for your corporate hire and team building events – communication, motivation, team building, some (healthy!) competition, and a lovely corporate event space area – this place has everything.

What’s more, it’s stupendously silly and enormously fun! Let’s face it, you’re rushing around wildly, shouting yourselves hoarse, solving all sorts of bizarre puzzles and challenges and then finishing off in a splendid satin bomber jacket. Basically, what’s not to love? If you’re curious – and by now you surely are – you can find out more about our all new Maze right here.

Better still, if you book for 32 guests or more, you’ll have exclusive use of The Maze and our event space, and we’ll work with you closely to tailor your time with us to your specific requirements.

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A new Maze! What’s new? And when does it open?

Been to one of our other mazes? * Bonus points!* our ALL NEW Maze opens Spring 2019, and has everything you love about other mazes – 4 zones, amazing (and all NEW) challenges, Satin Bomber jackets, and The Crystal Dome, plus an incredible Maze Meeting area and bar – perfect for your corporate entertaining.

Not been to a maze yet? *WHAT!?* you’re going to love it and what better opportunity than to visit our ALL NEW MAZE!

We are currently taking corporate bookings for April 2019 onwards, so make sure you and your team are amongst the first to book – simply fill out the form below.

Exclusive hire

of The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience

If you’re an organisation thinking of booking The ALL NEW Crystal Maze LIVE Experience London … well hello there! We have some important things to tell you and, since you’re probably really jolly busy, we’ve put them into this handy list.

  • Exclusive hire of The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience in London is available for groups from 32+. Choose a day and you’ll be able to reserve the meeting area exclusively for you and your team from 9am – 2pm.
  • Wait – there’s more! We also offer exclusive afternoon/evening sessions for groups of 32+. These are available on Monday to Friday and possibly on other days too if you ask (nicely, of course) and if the date is far enough in advance for us to plan around. If this tickles your fancy, let’s talk!
  • We have a fabulous maze – surprise! – and so much more, including AV equipment, a fully stocked (and themed) bar.
  • We’ve got a meeting area as unique as us, and you, so we can tailor your event to any need from cocktail party to corporate (professional face) meeting.
  • In other words, we’ve got bucket-loads of space for all the presentations, discussions and stuff that you’ll be doing before facing The Maze and all its challenges.
  • We do food as well, and it’s really lovely – just talk to our ever-helpful Events Manager for details.
  • We can also create drinks packages that are tailored to your needs and budget, and we can provide merchandise for goody bags or as extra prizes.
  • In fact, there’s a lot we can do to tailor your experience here to suit your needs; we can even customise elements of The Maze to reflect your corporate identity.
  • We can run our maze in different ways, so whether you want to play for longer, play twice, or play all together (or all of the above), we can tailor your event to fit your needs.
  • If you are a larger group (40+) we’ll start you group in stages. A team of 8 will start The Maze every 5 – 10 mins, so there isn’t much hanging around.
  • That means that every member of your group will take part in the many varied tasks and challenges contained within The Maze. There’s no hiding – and yes, that’s ironic, given you’re in a Maze.
  • After completing The Maze, your group will be given Medallions celebrating their achievement. These have no monetary value – seriously, we checked – but happily, they do make other people very jealous.

What kind of packages do you have at the Maze?

The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience London can tailor your experience to meet your needs.

A corporate package includes:

  • Delicious catering
  • Full use of our AV facilities
  • Inspirational event space, perfect for meetings and presentations.
  • Souvenir gift for all of the team
  • Dedicated events team to ensure your event runs smoothly.

With a corporate event package, your team can all play the same time (groups of 32-40), play for longer, or both!

We can also exclusively hire out the bar, event space and meeting area for your party.

Get in touch now and we’ll design your day with you!

The Crystal Maze Corporate Hire Brochure

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Corporate Hire Terms and Conditions

  • If your group is smaller than this, you can still enjoy exclusive hire by paying the 32 person minimum hire fee.
  • We don’t allow any alcohol to be served or drunk before you enter The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience.
  • We certainly do allow alcohol to be served after you’ve finished The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience – did we mention we have a great new bar?
  • Anybody playing The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience in London must be aged 13+ or older. If aged 13-17 they must be accompanied by playing (and paying adult) Given this page is for corporate hire, we don’t anticipate this condition being a massive issue.
  • The Maze isn’t open to pregnant women – this includes ticket holders who become pregnant between the time of booking and the hire date. Sorry about that – but also, congratulations!
  • You’re thinking: these T&Cs are pretty short! Yes they are, but we have more – our standard T&Cs. Please oh please make sure you read these too before you book your tickets and/or enter The Maze – you’ll find them here.