School Groups

School Groups

Get ready to step into The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience!

A school trip to The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience in London, is the perfect opportunity for both students and teachers to embrace their silly side, and have some fun.

The Crystal Maze offers students and teachers the opportunity to develop a range of skills – are you ready for the challenge?


Work as a team

The ultimate team work challenge, The Crystal Maze is the perfect opportunity for both students and teachers to learn how to get the best out of each other, and play to each other’s strengths.


Work under pressure

Your whole team is guaranteed to be right behind you screaming ‘helpful ‘instructions at the top of their voices, whilst you are set on gaining that vital crystal! *ear plugs will not help, kids can have VERY loud voices* You are also always against the clock, the time flies by in the maze…


Problem solving

The tasks are made to be challenging, it’s no walk in the park. That makes grasping that crystal ever so sweeter, nothing tops it. The tasks range from skill challenges, which test mathematics and reason, to mystery, which tests decisiveness and intuition.


Confidence building

Despite there being ups and downs within the maze, confidence levels thrive. It’s amazing to see the pride as well as the crystals our adventures are carrying when they emerge from the mighty maze.


Secondary school Student (1 teacher free for every 10 students)£20 per student
College or University Student (1 teacher free for every 10 students)£20 per student
Additional teachers£25 per teacher


Please note that school trips’ pricing is only available for groups of 32+. Every maze team (8 people) must include at least one teacher.

School trips must be pre-booked via our customer service center, and are subject to availability. Give us a call on 0161 791 0727 to find out about availability.



I had no idea that the CM offered school bookings, however following a quick phone call, the booking for a large school party was easy, with follow up communication quick and accurate. Pre arrival information including risk assessment and liability information was distributed in a timely manner. The activities themselves were enjoyable for all ages! The host was extraordinary – engaging, fun and enthusiastic. The range of activities provided ‘something for all’ enabling students to try something new, be challenged and support one another. The facilities were safe and exceptionally well presented, and for any nostalgic teacher, the crystal challenge at the end was the cherry on the top for any school visit! – Kari Butler – Summer Course Director and the school