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16th Apr 2018

From the Kardashians to the Windsor’s, a good gene pool makes siblings a fierce and powerful team, but, from kidult hood to adulthood the relationships are not without trial. Whether you’re inspired by the recent national sibling’s day or think you and your lot could do better than the teams on TV (remember the Hauxwells and their… erm… interesting score) , even when working as a team you and your siblings are likely to find a visit to The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience as deliciously competitive with each other as with our leader board.

Whether you have old scores to settle from that time your brother stuck your face in the mud, or for all the times your sister ‘borrowed’ (but never returned) your clothes, The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience gives you the chance to unlock your inner children and see who can get the most crystals! Where do fit in the sibling team?

The Oldest Sibling:

The Oldest Sibling is the most likely to be team captain, always taking the lead and looking after the youngers. While being a leader is a good quality for the Maze, the oldest sibling is also sometimes a bit of a know it all, so shouting through the bars to the game room is much to be expected. Backseat drivers eat your heart out!

The Middle Child:

We all know the facts about middle children, the attention seeking ones that like things to go their own way. While this was probably annoying when you were kids it will mean they won’t be afraid to be the first to jump into the games or do a forfeit in the Maze. They also make great negotiators, which could be essential for getting your Maze Master on side.

The Youngest:

Does the baby of the family ever really grow up? No matter how old they are, they are, and always will be, the youngest of the lot. Scientific studies have found that while the oldest child is most likely to want to learn and master, the youngest child mostly wants to win. This makes them extremely competitive in the Maze, full of energy when you win but can be very stroppy and not understanding if you – god forbid – lose a crystal!?. Top tip for the youngest child, don’t let a maze master see you pouting, usually they like to be the biggest diva in the maze!

Let’s face it, surely you can beat the score of last nights team of siblings on The Crystal Maze TV show? Be sure to tune in to Channel 4 on Sunday at 8pm for the next Crystal Maze TV show!

Do you and your siblings or relatives think you have what it takes to take on The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience? Book your tickets here