Crystal Maze Couple Locked In



4th Aug 2022

“Will you kiss the bride, please!” were the words that rang out from the Richard Ayoade lookalike-come-Maze Master of ceremonies. After all, the happy couple had just exchanged their vows, in a heartfelt service that would’ve made even the stiffest of upper lips wobble.

Whilst Steve and Siân became husband and wife in a matter of ‘I do’s’, the day was a culmination of careful, bespoke planning, mixing personal touches with the iconic elegance of The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience. There was more attention to detail than you could shake a golden hand on a stick at!

To begin at the beginning, however. The day started with the arrival of beaming guests, not only delighted to share the special day with the wedding pair but excited for the opportunity to play The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience for themselves. Forget awkwardly sitting in silence, guests can expect to take part in the fun! Greetings were made, gifts and cards were piled high and comfortable shoes were donned in anticipation of each team meeting their Maze Master!

Fast forward an hour or so, the guests, fresh from their crystal collecting, filed into the breathtakingly decorated dome room, taking their seats. Groom Steve stood dutifully, awaiting the arrival of his bride, looking forward to bagging a gem of his own. Then, the specially selected music started. The lady of the hour Siân entered, bridesmaids in tow, looking absolutely stunning in her white dress.

The rest, as they say, is history. That certainly wasn’t all, though. Once the precious moments had been immortalised by our photographer and videographer, the newlyweds were whisked back to the capacious and wonderfully adorned event space for street-style food, speeches and the cutting of the cake. All that was left to do now was to have a good old-fashioned boogie on the dance floor, accompanied by band The Uptones, who were on hand to provide the perfect musical backdrop to the evening. A truly memorable time was had by all!

If you think The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience Manchester and your big day are a match made in heaven, drop us an email on or call us on 0161 791 0712 to discuss all of the details. What better way to get locked in for life?