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19th May 2020

A lot of people like The Crystal Maze Experience. Many people like it a lot. And some people like it perhaps more than you can imagine. Meet the ‘Super Fans’. Twin brothers Robert and Andrew Griffin were together at The Crystal Maze Experience today – Robert for his his third experience and Andrew for what may be a record sixth time!

“We both watched the TV show religiously as children,” explains Andrew. “Every time it was on, we never missed it.”

So how does the ‘live’ experience compare?

“Ever since the first time I came I was just like “wow” seeing the work of the crew, front of house and Maze Masters – it is a 100% faithful re-enactment of the beloved TV show. I would tell anyone, if you haven’t been – you need to go,” says Andrew. “You can come back time and time again and play different games – you’re never going to have the same experience twice”

Robert agrees: “As Andy said, each Maze Master has their own personality which brings its own atmosphere to the game. So no matter which Maze Master you get you have a different experience every time.”

You’ll be unsurprised to find out that they’re both coming back in 2017, but on this occasion on opposite teams for the first time. (We won’t print what they said when we asked who would win!)

Tickets For The Crystal Maze
New tickets for 2017 are currently on sale for The Crystal Maze Experience. Previous tickets sold out incredibly quickly and we expect the tickets currently on sale to do the same, so move fast to get yours.