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12th Dec 2017

Ok, picture a blackout. Really dramatic music with a big drum beat like one of those Marvel films the cool kids are all talking about. Then on each of the drum beats there’s a word flashing across the screen. WILL. YOU. START. THE. FANS. PLEASE.

Whoa! Awesome! Widespread gasps as we see The Crystal Dome in all it’s splendour, and a cool deep voiceover saying, ‘Tickets now available for the experience of a lifetime’. Someone faints from excitement, another fans themselves with a golden ticket from the Dome.

Well, that was a lot of fun. We should all group imagine adverts more often I think. As of today, NEW TICKETS HAVE BEEN RELEASED! You can now book for our LONDON venue until the end of MAY and MANCHESTER until the end of March 2018! Ooh, the future, we hope we have flying cars by then.

Book via our website by using the handy Book London button, and get ready to become the star of the show by playing The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience! We do sell rather quickly whenever we release tickets so if I were you I would stop reading right now and go buy your tickets.

Why are you still reading? Don’t you want to come to The Crystal Maze? Oh, you don’t know what it is? You, my friend, are missing out. The Crystal Maze was this super fun TV show from the 90’s where a wacky Maze Master takes a team around 4 themed time zones, and they play challenges and complete puzzles in each of them. They do this to win crystals, which equals time in The Crystal Dome at the end. It sounds bizarre when you put it like that and that’s because it is bizarre, and brilliant! I’d recommend watching an episode or two, it’s lots of fun. Then, after that book to come and play the real thing with your team!