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23rd Sep 2019


Every team that enters the maze needs a Maze Master, they act as your guide and host, entertaining and assisting your team as you navigate your way through the maze. Think of them as your own personal Richard O’Brien. We’ve managed to track down Crystal, deep within the maze, to ask her a few of your frequently asked questions!

What’s your characters back story?

My character is Crystal, who in 1998 was a contestant on the show. She was playing Spikes of Death, a challenge within the Aztec zone when she ran out of time and got locked in. Unfortunately for Crystal, her team never bought her out, instead leaving her there alone while they claimed all the prize money for themselves. Crystal has been locked in the maze for 21 years, she was just 25 years old when she entered the maze, so she’s now 46 but thankfully time travelling is very good for the skin.

Crystal is a HUGE Boyzone fan, we’re talking crazy No1 fan. Her favourite member is Steven Gateley, she wants to marry him, much to many of our guest’s amusement for some reason! Crystal still wears her Boyzone t-shirt that she had on when she entered. She also wears the jump suit, though it’s a bit raggedy now after all of these years. Crystal’s Tamagotchi is her most prized possession, the battery ran out a long time ago, but she still plays with it, it’s her only friend.

What’s your favourite thing about being a Maze Master?

I like it when somebody is a little bit shy at the start and nervous, and then by the end they’re screaming with joy and I’ve helped them relax and have a good time, and forget about the outside world and just get lost in silly, Crystal Maze madness. If you’ve got a miserable ‘kevin’ type teenager and then by the end they’re really involved and asking questions about what happened in the 90’s, it’s nice and it’s very generational. You get older people as well and sometimes they’re like ‘oh I’m not going to be very good at this’ and then they win a crystal, you can see their confidence go up. It’s nice seeing the ones who don’t believe in themselves win a crystal.

Do you have a favourite game?

Spikes of Death. I like it because I like the contestants to re-write history and write my wrongs of the past, because that’s the game I got locked in on.

What’s your favourite zone in the maze?

Aztec because its where I got locked in, and I like to create new memories to replace the old horrific ones… and there’s a slide!

What’s your favourite 90’s sweet?

It’s gotta be Opal Fruits, and they’re still called Opal Fruits right?

What’s the highest number of crystals one of your teams has won?

It’s not a competition! It’s really hard which is why I got locked in. Remember you can always change your name to Crystal like me, so you always have a crystal. But the most crystals one of my team has got is 11, which is crazy. They were astronauts or something.

Do you have a stand out moment in the maze?

When a young guy came to visit with his Mum and sister, he was autistic and struggled being in small spaces or crowds. His Mum was unsure if he’d even play, but he did and he won the most crystals! I loved that, he was so proud and had a great time.

Do you have a most memorable team?

Every team is memorable, they are all my top friends on Myspace, come be my friend! I only have Terry the Tamagotchi to talk to. Please.

What would you say is your favourite part of the Crystal Maze experience?

The bonding that happens between the team. I love it when you have a mixed team of people who don’t know each other, I always say ‘we’ll be top friend on Myspace by the end of this’. What goes on in the maze, stays in the maze. I like it when people bond over making idiots of themselves because we all look like idiots at some point in the maze so it’s quite nice to see people with their guard up at the start let it go towards the end.

If you want to experience the maze and meet a real life Maze Master, tickets are on sale now for The Crystal Maze Live Experience in Manchester & London.

P.s Can someone please set up a campaign to set me free or something? Free Crystal! Oh! And tell my Mum I miss her and tell Stephen Gatley from Boyzone I love him!