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In the 90’s, The Crystal Maze was one of the UK’s favourite television shows. Now it’s your turn to be the star of the show.

What is it?

The ultimate team challenge, in which you and your friends face challenges testing your skill, mental and physical ability across four adventure time zones: Aztec, Industrial, Futuristic and Medieval. For each challenge completed your team will earn a Crystal. The more Crystals you earn, the more time you’ll get in the final challenge – The Crystal Dome!

How it works


Build a team of 8 of your friends with a variety of skills to take on the challenge of the Maze


Guided by your Maze Master you will travel across the 4 zones: Aztec, Industrial, Futuristic and Medieval. Facing a variety of challenges and games along the way.


In each Zone individual members of your team will take on 2-3 minute long games of either the Physical, Mental, Skill or Mystery category. For each game successfully completed your time will earn a Crystal.


For each Crystal earned your team will get time in the final challenge – The Crystal Dome. In the Dome your team must work together to catch as many gold tickets as possible as the Dome’s fans blow them in the air.

Where is it?


10-14 White Lion Street
Angel, London
N1 9PD

Nearest tube station: Angel


The Crystal Maze @ Old Granada Studios
Stage 2 (Off Lower Byrom Street)
M3 4JP

Enter next to Museum of Science & Industry (MOSI) off Lower Byrom Street.
Open from April 1st, 2017. 

Press coverage

“It was perfect.”

Time Out

“Tons of fun and the adrenaline rush never lets up.”


“The. Best. Fun. Ever.”


“Exhilarating ride is worth every penny.”

Evening Standard




  • Can I change my dates or refund my tickets?

    Tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable. If you have a ticketing query please contact crystalmaze@seetickets.com.

  • Where are the venues?

    The London address is 10-14 White Lion Street Angel, London, N1 9PD. The nearest tube station is Angel.

    The Manchester address is Crystal Maze Studios, Old Granada Studios, Lower Byrom Street, Manchester, M3. The nearest train/tram station is Deansgate.

  • How long does the experience last?

    For both London and Manchester the show typically lasts 75 minutes, however there is a Pre-show briefing and introduction before entering the Crystal Maze, and time should  also be allowed for photographs, getting changed and picking up your souvenirs and Merchandise. In London we also have a bar located by the Dome itself to continue your visit once the Maze is complete.

  • What shall I wear for The Crystal Maze Experience?

    We advise guests to wear Active wear or loose fitting clothing with sensible trainers or similar. Heels, Flip-flops and open toe shoes are not permitted.

  • Is there somewhere I can get changed and leave belongings?

    At both Sites we have complimentary lockers and bathrooms that you are welcome to get changed into.

  • Do you serve Food/drink or have a bar?

    London has a bar that serves both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks AFTER your experience in the maze.

    Manchester sells snacks and soft drinks only, before and after the maze experience.

  • What level of fitness is needed?

    As both mazes feature stairs, moving between each time zone, and navigating various terrains, we advise that you are confident that you are comfortable with being able to walk, stand, crawl and move around for up to 2 hours. There are some alternative routes within the maze to avoid small spaces and ladders, please let your Maze Master know should you have any concerns.

  • Can I bring suitcases?

    Both sites cannot store or look after suitcases under any circumstances. We advise that you leave them at the hotel in storage until your experience is complete. Lockers can hold small bags and belongings.

  • Where can I park?

    As both mazes do not have dedicated parking, we advise that you do an internet search in advance in order to find local parking that suits your budget. Please allow enough time to get to the site in time for your show.

  • I have a team of 8 and one can’t do it anymore. Can we play with 7?

    You are more than welcome to play with only 7 if you have bought 8 tickets. If however you have purchased less than 8 tickets, please be aware that others may have booked to join your team to complete the 8.

  • Can someone else come with our team and watch but not take part?

    If they have a ticket and want to go round with the team this is fine, simply let the Maze Master or team captain know that you do not wish to take part in the games.

  • I have broken my arm/ leg/ injury. Can I still take part?

    We cannot take responsibility for any further injury or any further aggravation of your injury by attending the maze, by attending and signing our waiver you take full responsibility for yourself and know the limits of your own body regarding participation and movement within the maze itself.

  • How long before your ticket time do you need to get there?

    London: Please allow yourselves approximately 15 minutes ahead of your ticket time in order to be fully briefed. Shows start exactly on the hour and latecomers may not be admitted.

    Manchester: Please allow yourselves approximately 15 -30 minutes ahead of your ticket time in order to be fully briefed.

  • Is the Maze wheelchair accessible?

    Due to the nature of the Maze and the true representation of the original television show, the Crystal maze London and Manchester are not fully Wheelchair accessible. We will, however, be arranging and advertising regular accessible days in which we will assist you in seeing as much of the Maze as possible. Please call our general enquiries line before making a booking to ensure we are able to assist your team whilst giving you the best possible live experience.

  • What do you get for your ticket price?

    Both sites offer the Full Crystal Maze Experience. Join our dedicated Maze Master as they lead you through 4 time zones, attempting to win crystals to buy you the most amount of time in the Crystal Dome. All of our zones are themed to reflect the essence of the show and allow you to become lost in the world of the Crystal Maze. This includes themed and exciting transitions, Effects, soundscapes, and of course attempting to capture as many tokens as possible in our heart of the maze – the famous Crystal Dome.

  • Can you participate if you’re pregnant?

    Due to the physical nature of the site and games, we cannot allow any guest at ANY stage of pregnancy into the maze. If in doubt as to whether you may be pregnant, please consult your doctor for advice. A ticket holder who isn’t taking part can go around with the team unless they are pregnant.

  • Is there any way we can have more than 8 people on a team?

    Teams are a maximum of 8. You are more than welcome to book more than one team of 8. For London we have 4 teams participating on each show. For Manchester teams are spaced 7.5 minutes apart. If you have a large number of participants and wish to know more about our private hire of the maze, please contact our team on either site.

  • I purchased tickets last week and still don’t have a confirmation email. Can you please send one?

    As our tickets are sold and handled by SeeTickets, please contact their customer service team who will be more than happy to help.

  • How long is the experience?

    For both London and Manchester the show typically lasts 75 minutes, however there is a Pre-show briefing and introduction before entering the Crystal Maze, and time should also be allowed for photographs, getting changed and picking up your souvenirs and Merchandise. In London we also have a bar located by the Dome itself to continue your visit once the Maze is complete.

  • Does the winning team get a prize at the end?

    Knowledge that your team “Cracked the Crystal Maze” and of course having bragging rights in your home/office/circle of friends is a priceless prize. If however, you wish to purchase a game crystal or Bomber Jacket, we have a range of merchandise available in our shop. Our Manchester venue will be introducing a winning gift pack to the winning team at the end of the month. This will start as of July for June’s winning team.

  • Do you have a waiting list for cancellations?

    Unfortunately not, but please check the website regularly as more tickets may be released for sessions that may have been sold out.

  • Is there somewhere my kids can wait?

    Unfortunately not, but both sites are located within areas where there will be other things for your little ones to do, sadly though they cannot wait for you within the Crystal Maze.

  • Do we get to wear bomber jackets around The Maze?

    Trust us when I say you really wouldn’t want to. On both sites you will have the opportunity to wear the famous bomber jackets and get photos on your phones before tucking them away in the complimentary lockers, after that the maze heats up, and you’ll be glad you wore your active wear!

  • Where is the entrance?

    London: We are on White Lion Street – which is opposite Angel Underground station. Walk up pat “Bills Restaurant” and we are just a few doors up at 10-14.

    Manchester: Head to the Museum of Science and Industry and we are just next-door on the right. Head through the main gates and you will see our main entrance ahead of you.

  • If we arrive late, will we still be able to take part?

    Please ensure you are there early or on time, as latecomers may not be admitted past the first section of your show.

  • (LONDON) When buying tickets, what is the difference between the colours?

    Four teams will play the maze in each show; these are split into the 4 original show colours.

    You will still be able to create your own team name, don’t you worry!

  • What are the age restrictions?

    Manchester is playable by any guest over the age of 13. Please note however that they must be accompanied by at least one team member over the age of 18.

    London is 18+ only.

    At both sites we reserve the right to ask for ID to validate the age of those attending.

  • How long are gift vouchers valid for?

    Gift vouchers must be used before the expiry date, which is one year after the date of purchase.

  • Can I take pictures in The Maze?

    You are welcome to take pictures in the Bomber jackets provided on site before going into the maze itself, but after this point all phones must be placed in the complimentary lockers.

    There is also an official photo opportunity within the maze.

  • I was given a gift voucher for The Crystal Maze. How do I redeem my ticket?

    To redeem a voucher please choose a time and date that is available you would like to play and enter the code before you checkout online.

    You can also call See Tickets on 0871 297 0088 (calls cost 10p per minute plus network extras).

  • Will I need a spare change of clothing?

    Both sites are quite active and feature sand within our Aztec Zones, for this reason you are more than welcome to bring a change of clothes if you are heading out after you leave the maze.

  • Roughly how many games will each person play?

    This all depends on how you work as a team. Fast decisions and solving the games quickly will allow more time in the maze with the potential to win more crystals. Do remember though that true to the Television show, this is a team event. It’s not about how many games each individual plays, shouting contradictory advice at your team mates as time runs out is all part of the experience and nostalgia of the Crystal Maze.

  • I’m organising a stag / hen / birthday party, do you do anything special for the stag / hen / birthday person?

    Please do let the Maze Master know if it’s a special occasion, and at the same time please attend responsibly. Party afterwards as we cannot allow anyone into the maze who is under the influence of Alcohol, and do remember that there are other guests there too and we ask that you also respect their visit.

  • Do I have to print my tickets?

    Some devices will display barcodes that can be read by our ticket scanners; however where possible to avoid any delays to your show, we advise that you bring printed copies with you.

  • What about Students?

    We periodically do 25% discounts for students at our Manchester venue for the month of June only. Please just use the relevant discount code when you come to book on the website. Discount codes only apply when booked as a team of 8. All discount codes are subject to availability and only for dates that form part of the promotion (Thursday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays)

    Student halls card must be shown at the venue on the day or admission will be refused. 

    All other terms and conditions of sale are as per SEE tickets website.

  • What is the waiver information I need to know before entering the maze

    By purchasing a ticket for The Crystal Maze Live Experience you agree to have read all advice and instructions regarding Health & Safety, behavior and conduct and rules determining admission based on age restrictions, pregnancy and consumption of alcohol.

    In case of any doubt, please contact the venue before arrival and we will send you more detail. Please note that The Crystal Maze Live Experience reserves the right to change the content, availability, admission price or show times without notice, subject to the needs of the business and shows.

  • Can I book a group of less than 8?

    We have many guests wishing to book for just 2 or 3 of them to go around the maze. If you book less than the full team it is likely that other guests will book to join onto your team. The only way to guarantee a session for a small group is to book out all remaining tickets for this session.

London enquiries info@the-crystal-maze.com Manchester enquiries info.manchester@the-crystal-maze.com
0161 791 0727
London Press enquiries meri@merimancepr.com Manchester Press enquiries nikki@rarebreedpublicity.com Fan mail 10-14 White Lion Street, N1 9PD.