In 2016, the Stand Up To Cancer Special was a huge success. So now the Crystal Maze is BACK! And it’s bigger and more fantastic than ever before… obviously.

In the 1990s, The Crystal Maze was must-see TV – before that term had even been invented. Now its original designer, James Dillon, has created a brand-new, 32,500 sq. ft maze. Tune into Channel 4 on Fridays at 8pm and you can see it for yourself – and enjoy watching other people struggling to master its secrets and mysteries. What’s not to love?

The new Maze Master is the comedian, writer and director Richard Ayoade. He’s a 21st Century Renaissance man (and precisely the sort of character who’d bristle at this description) and he is suited, booted, and ready to guide teams of five intrepid adventurers on their epic crystal-gathering missions.

For fans of the original series, the zones that play host to these adventures will be very familiar: Aztec, Industrial, Medieval and a completely re-imagined Futuristic. Each zone is packed with brand-new Mental and Physical challenges, Mysteries and Skills tests, all designed to test, torment and even trap our willing volunteers as they try to obtain those oh-so-important time crystals.

Journeying through the four zones with the guidance of Richard’s special wooden hand (watch the show to make sense of this), the team may meet some astonishing new characters along the way – characters like Jarhead (played by Adam Buxton) and the Knight (played by Jessica Hynes) – before their adventure culminates in the iconic Crystal Dome.

From traversing the murky bog of the Medieval zone to tunnelling through the Industrial zone, materialising in the Futuristic zone before scaling the walls of the Aztec zone, join Richard as he takes us through this magical and marvellous world of wonder (and wet logs).

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