5 Reasons The Crystal Maze Is Not Just Another Escape Room Game

The Crystal Maze Live Experience in both London and Manchester is way more than just another Escape Room Game. Here are five reasons why:

1. The Sheer Size

Each venue features 24 games rooms over four separate and individually themed zones, not forgetting the grand finale of The Crystal Dome.

2. Multiple Tests

There’s one underlying objective in The Crystal Maze (well perhaps two if you include yelling like a lunatic at the top of your voice at your teammates) and that’s to collect as many crystals as possible. But the way in which you do so will change depending on what games you choose to play, so you get to test your mental and physical abilities, as well as your skills.

3. Truly Immersive

From the music and sound effects, to the faithfully recreated Aztec, Industrial, Medieval and Future Zones to the Maze Masters who guide you through the labyrinth, The Crystal Maze  is a truly immersive experience.

4. Feels Like You’re In The TV Show

The Crystal Maze Live Experience truly lets you be the star of the show and feels like you’re taking part in one of the most iconic game shows to ever air on British TV.

5. It Takes Longer

Most Escape Room Games are over just as you’re beginning to enjoy them. The Crystal Maze Live Experience takes about twice the time of most Escape Room Games and is a lot more varied at the same time.

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