5 Tactics for a Successful Team Day Out

You’ve been given a budget for a team building activity, and you want to make it one they won’t forget. How do you make sure you get the most out of the day?

Put your aims first

I know you really want to try out that new restaurant around the corner of the office, but is it really going to develop the right skills for your team? Remember that the point of the day is to grow your team’s professional relationships in a fun way, to make them work better together while having an amazing time with their company. Make sure use your team day out to do something which involved learning from each other and communication, as well as being fun!

Don’t forget to have fun!

Remember, this is time away from the everyday office environment and into something totally new, and so you want this to be ultimately a lot of fun! Running around four zones, solving puzzles and grabbing crystals in the dome at the end, it’s really the most fun you can have with a bomber jacket on…

Have space to personalise the event to your business

If you want to secure in people’s minds the reasons for this team building day, it’s worth taking time to reiterate the purposes on the day, before they forget. In both our mazes you get to share your presentation/ workshops/ meeting in the same building as the Crystal Dome, so if you want to give your team a presentation about how The Crystal Maze is like their accounting audits, go for it! We love your outside the box thinking.

Keep it entertaining and unique

The team building activities in the maze are unique because they are all themed, all different, and include one of our many fantastic Maze Masters taking you around. We have so many challenges to choose from in the maze that each of your groups will have a unique experience they will be talking about by the water cooler for weeks. Did you see Dave smash that physical? 3 seconds left, he nearly got locked in but he got the crystal for the team, what a legend.

It’s not a team event without a Crystal Dome!

If a team building event doesn’t include standing in an enormous crystal dome, jumping around when the fans start to grab gold tokens, We’re not interested.

The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience will make a team building event your business will love! If you have a minimum of 32 people and want to find out more, please contact [email protected] for London and [email protected]for Manchester

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