Are you having a laugh? 8 interesting facts about why we need laughter in our lives

Laughter is timeless! We have been enjoying a laugh since the beginning of time, even the Aztecs monkeys have been known to enjoy a chuckle.

After a hard day at work or stressful life events, sometimes all you need is a laugh with your friends. Here at The Crystal Maze Live Experience, we see you shake off the worries of the week, laughing your way through the challenges with your best pals. But other than being downright enjoyable, laughter has many other benefits

1. It lessens stress

Whether a giggle or roar, laughter decreases the levels of cortisol and adrenaline, which are our stress hormones, meaning we can relax and switch off way easier!

2. Improves wellbeing (duh)

While this one is obvious, it is founded in scientific proof. Laughter, like exercise, can increase your level of endorphins, which are not only happy hormones but can improve your productivity, increase brain function and improve general healthiness. Perfect excuse if you caught laughing at memes one too many times at work.

3. It is contagious

According to the Brainiac’s at University College London, as soon as our brains hear laughter it starts to prep the face muscles to join in. So, when you try to cheer someone up with a laugh, it’s very hard to fail.

4. It really is the way to a person’s heart….

Studies have shown that sharing a moment of laughter, those happy hormones release again which, being at the same time, creates a natural bond. So, if you can’t cook your way to another half, this might be the next best thing!

5. Laughter is attractive

Although things like physical appearance is a major player, studies have concluded that we are more likely to come across as attractive when we laugh. So, no need to feel self-conscious, let yourself go!

6. It’s a workout

While this may be a little farfetched, laughing uses face muscles and engages the diaphragm and abdominal muscle systems which is kind of a form of exercise.  Depending on how funny something is, and how much ROFL (Rolling On The Floor Laughing) you do, you could call it a full body work out!

7. You can’t fake it

Although you may be able to force a smile, other than letting out some strange sounds it is very hard to fake laughter. It has been found that your brain can immediately tell if someone is putting it on, so no need to worry if your jokes are getting pity laughs – you’ll just know!

8. We laugh less as we grow up

Apparently, adults laugh around 3 times less than kids! Considering all these amazing facts about laughter, we think that’s sad. You deserve to laugh as much as any children, and while for some us it might be a bit more difficult to find trivial things like swear words amusing, there are plenty of ways to bring out your inner child or relive your youth. We just think that The Crystal Maze Live Experience is the best way, of course.

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