9 Things You Might Not Know About The Crystal Maze In Manchester

Our second Crystal Maze Live Experience opens in Manchester on April 1st this year. Read on to learn more about it.

1. New Games Galore

The Crystal Maze in Manchester will feature entirely different games to the ones featured in The Crystal Maze London Live Experience. We love them all, but we think the new Kitchen Pot Game could prove a particular star of the show.

2. Iconic Venue Location

The Manchester Maze is opening in the Old Granada Studios site, in central Manchester – former home to the UK’s oldest purpose-built television studios and iconic British programmes such as Coronation Street, University Challenge and World In Action.

3. Bigger And Better Zones

While we’re staying faithful to the four original zones, we’re making them bigger, more beautiful and more immersive. You’ll have to wait and experience them to see exactly what we mean, but the Aztec Zone will feature open plains, a giant dominating temple, undiscovered idols and a cascading rain forest with a rope-bridge passage. While over in the Future Zone you can expect robots, an incredible outdoor Mars-scape and lasers, lots and lots of lasers.

4. 50 New Maze Masters

More than 500 people who thought they could do as good a job as Richard O’Brien and Edward Tudor-Pole applied to work at The Manchester Maze. We whittled it down to 50 borderline lunatics including a steampunk poet, a girl scout leader with military discipline issues and a character called Professor Nincompoop. Each is ready to entertain you in their own special way.

5. Beatles History

The Beatles made their first-ever TV appearance in 1962 in Granada Studios, which perhaps casts Mumsie’s monthly Maze Master karaoke night in something of a pale light from a musical perspective.

6. Aztec Temple

We have a giant Aztec Temple. That’s right, a giant, Aztec Temple!

7. Games From Original Show

Half the games in the Manchester Crystal Maze are re-imaginings of games from the original TV show, which is currently being rebroadcast on Challenge TV every week night.

8. Our Neighbours Include…

…some famous sites in Manchester. As the first tenants in a new development we’ve got something of a plum spot in central Manchester, bang next door to the Museum of Science and Industry and a mere crystal’s throw away from the Opera House Manchester.

9. Play In The Rovers Return

TV pubs tend to be places where people can gather together to let off steam, experience high drama, make new friends and scream their heads off without worrying about the consequences. So it’s perhaps apt that The Crystal Maze Manchester is built on a site that once played host to The Rover’s Return from Coronation Street. So as you race through the Industrial Zone you might actually be running across ground where the bar of one of the most-famous pubs in Britain once stood.

Tickets are now on sale for our new Crystal Maze Live Experience in Manchester, which opens in April, as well as our Crystal Maze Live Experience in London.

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