90’s GRL PWR in the maze

The 90’s – the time of glitter hair spray, Tamagotchi and of course the legendary Crystal Maze TV show. But it wasn’t just questionable style and tremendous TV that the 90’s are remembered for, it was also the decade of the rise of GRL PWR! Spice Girls dominated the charts and films like Clueless were blockbuster hits (remember blockbuster?!) teaching the girls to band together and not take any rubbish. 90’s pop culture empowered women (and Men!) all over the world; and helped in making sure that feminism was no longer a dirty word.

Girl Power in the Maze!

It is from this era that our glorious maze masters come from, and if you get one of these wonder women to take you round the Maze you’ll be in for a treat! Our female Maze Masters are ambitious, powerful and downright entertaining! They each have their own unique qualities, and here are just a few!

the crystal maze live mumsie

spice girl maze master

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