Access shows are back!

We want to ensure everyone who enters The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience has a fantastic, a-maze-ing time. We understand that sometimes, extra support may be needed. Therefore, we have developed access shows, where we can tailor the experience to a variety of different access requirements to give those who may need it, a little extra time in the maze. If you think this is the show for you, please get in touch with us at [email protected] and we will be able to discuss what is possible for your specific requirements.

Our next access shows will be on 3rd February for both of our venues. In London, we will have two sessions available- 09:00 and 10:00. For Manchester, you will be booked in to a start time between 10:00 – 11:00 which will be confirmed during the booking process.

For London, these will cost £64 per person, with any verified carers attending for free. For Manchester, these will cost £30 per person, with any verified carers attending for free. Please note that carers who attend for free are not permitted to play any of the games. Should your carer wish to play games, they will need to pay. Please note to qualify for a free carer proof of disability must be shown at the point of arrival, otherwise, your carer will be charged. Proof of disability is accepted in the forms of the below:

Please note: For either attraction, we are unable to offer physical assistance to any guest, and so any carer accompanying must be able to give full assistance to their guest as required.

Once you book you will be sent a form listing any specific requirements for your visit, and on the day you will meet with a dedicated host who will confirm these adjustments with you in order to get the most from your Experience with us.

Check out our blog below for a bit more information about what we can do for a variety of access requirements.


Our London maze is a physical experience, with small corridors and physical moments moving between the famous Zones. As a result, on general bookings, there are a few restrictions on who can experience the maze. You need to be able to remain standing for the duration of the experience, and you will be moving around the four zones in a variety of physical ways, like in the original TV show. Please bear this in mind when booking, and if you have any concerns do get in touch with us before booking, and we will be able to advise. Unfortunately, our London venue is not fully wheelchair accessible, however, please rest assured that plans are in place to make it more so!

The cost of this booking is £64 per person, with verifiable carers coming free of charge. Payment is required upfront to confirm your booking. Please contact [email protected] to discuss your requirements, to register your interest in our access shows, or to book.


In Manchester, the maze is a physical experience, and so you will need to be moving around the maze throughout. If you can remain standing for 75 minutes, as well as go up and down stairs at a reasonable pace (slightly faster than average walking speed), you will be able to navigate the maze on a general booking. We do have some more physical moments while exploring the maze, but if you let your Maze Master know, they will be able to take you on alternative routes.

Very much like the original TV show, some challenges are more physical than others. Depending on each individual situation, some challenges may, therefore, be more suitable for an individual than others. If you are on a general booking, please let your Maze Master know and they can suggest challenges which will be most suitable. Please note that on general bookings we do operate tight timings on each experience, which means we will be unable to accommodate wheelchair users or those with mobility issues on general bookings. On an access show, any assistance required for mobility or wheelchair access will need to have a suitable carer to manage this assistance.

We can accommodate a variety of different requirements on these access shows and can adapt the experience to various health conditions or access needs.

Our access shows in Manchester cost £30 per person, with verifiable carers to be admitted free of charge. Payment is required upfront to confirm your booking of these sessions. To find out more, or to book your session, please contact [email protected]

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