Access Shows at The Crystal Maze Live Experience

Find out more about our upcoming access days…

Escaping from The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience pushes you to your limits. But getting in? No problem. Access shows are back on 4th May 2018* at the London and Manchester attractions, so if you need extra support, you can be sure you will still experience the same frantic fun with your teammates.

True to the iconic 90s TV show and latest instalments from Richard Ayoade, your charismatic Maze Master will guide you and your eight teammates through the four themed zones: Aztec, Medieval, Industrial and Futuristic. Together, you will take on different challenges: skill, physical, mental and mystery to win crystals, enter the iconic dome and make your way onto the coveted leaderboard.

Although at both venues, there are some aspects that can’t be altered**, the team will do their best to make each zone accessible and comfortable for everyone playing, without spoiling the appeal of the classic 90s show.

Access shows are specially tailored for a variety of different requirements and cost £64.99 in London or £41.99 in Manchester, with carers entering for free***. You can plan your tailor made visit by emailing [email protected]


*Arrange and confirm show times upon booking.

** Wheelchair users can attend the Manchester access show, though parts of the attraction are not accessible and so the show will be altered from standard public bookings. Due to the limitations of the venue, unfortunately, The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience London cannot accommodate any wheelchair users. We are working on a long-term solution for this.

***Non-paying carers will be required to partake in assisting roles only throughout the experience. Make payment to play. For further details please click here.

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