All that glitters ain’t gold (except our tokens)!

So you’ve booked your tickets but you want to add some extra sparkle into your experience, what can you do? As much as we all want to get our hands on a glittering crystal we don’t want to be upstaged by them so take a look at our handy hints to make your experience more FAB-U-LOUS!

Glittery Grips

Imagine the scene. You’ve got 10 seconds left on the clock, your hand is reaching out for the crystal, you’re going to win and you are about to become your team’s savior, but as you stretch you notice your nails just aren’t up to scratch. Dull and lifeless talons could ruin your moment of glory, so why not prepare for your visit with a chic glitter manicure? When you leave your game in a blaze of glory don’t let your nails let you down, shine like the star you are!

Sultry Shimmer
They say the eyes are the window to the soul so why not let your inner glitter daemon shine through? With such a wide variety of glittery and sparkly eyeshadows and makeups on the market, you can create a look to compete with any of our glamourous Maze Masters, and as a bonus, you’ll be picture perfect for our photo opportunities in our Aztec Zone and outside the iconic Crystal Dome!

Sparkle Pants
If you’ve been to any festivals this year you won’t have been able to miss the number of people (girls and guys) in metallic and glittery leggings. The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience is a fantastically physical experience and we always encourage guests to wear active gear for ease of movement and comfort, so why not bring your outfit to life with some glimmer gear instead of your boring old gym wear!

Glitter Balls
Once you’ve shown your sparkly self off in all 4 of our fantastically themed zones, step on up into The Crystal Dome. Ike a giant snow globe filled with glitter, this is your opportunity to surround yourself in a whirlwind of glittering, golden, tokens. Whether you catch 10 tokens or 100 you’re bound to look absolutely a-MAZE-ing! What a way to end your experience!

However you choose to glitz up your trip you’ll want to do it responsibly, sadly most of the glitter we know and love is actually a micro-plastic which poses a major threat to the environment. Luckily many companies have developed bio-degradable glitters which you can wear safely without having to worry about damaging the eco-system. So get out there, look fantastic and save the planet at the same time! That already makes you a winner in our books!

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