The Christmas Zone – NEW! Get Your Very Own Crystal Bauble!

Folks, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it’s beginning to look a lot like The Christmas Zone. We Crystal Maze elves love a bit of Christmas and cross our fingers every year that we’ll get snowfall in the Aztec Zone. It never happens, but it never happens in Britain either…

Why not give the experience of a lifetime as a gift this Christmas? Tickets are available all the way until the end of March 2018 for both venues, with more tickets to be released very soon! Alternatively, if you don’t know the date they’ll want, you can purchase gift vouchers which they can redeem for a ticket for either London or Manchester. Availability and terms and conditions can all be found on the booking pages of our website.

Perhaps you want to give something tangible to the Crystal Maze fan in your life? Well, look no further than our online shop! Do they like writing? Crystal Maze pencil and notebook! Do they have a head? Crystal Maze beanie! You can even purchase the game crystals and the holy grail of Crystal Maze memorabilia, a coveted Crystal Maze bomber jacket. They are warm too, so great for when we get snow in the Aztec Zone. I’m sure this eternal heatwave will stop soon.

On this topic, we have a very special addition to the online shop for Christmas… Crystal Hanging Decoration. A Crystal Maze themed bauble, with iconic facets! They are amazing, and we’ve already decked our halls with them.

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