WHAT! You got a Crystal Maze Voucher? That’s the best present EVER! Lets get booking…

They say it’s better to give than to receive, well they obviously haven’t been given a Crystal Maze LIVE Experience Gift voucher! The look on your face may have been priceless as you opened it but it won’t compare to the look on your face when your jumping for glee (and tokens, of course!) in our Crystal Dome!

But what do I do now that I have a gift voucher? We hear you cry! Well follow these simple steps and we’ll have you redeeming like a pro in not time.

1. Select the Maze your voucher relates to!
Your voucher will say if it is for the London or Manchester Crystal Maze, select your maze and hurrah! That’s the first step done… if only the games were so simple!

2. Choose a date.
Our website makes it really easy to see what’s available for the size of group you’d like to bring. After clicking on the Book “Manchester” or ”London” you can view all the available dates by selecting the size of the group you’d like to bring. This will lead you to a calendar of all the slots suitable for your group. Aren’t we nice?

3. Redeem your voucher
Once you’ve seen what’s available head back to the booking page and click that “Redeem Voucher” button, a window will pop up for you to enter your code, type it in and voila you’re ready to go!
Now, this is the important bit so pay attention! Our computers are currently based in The Medieval Zone (don’t worry, 2018 is taking us to Futuristic, but Mumsie got lost on the way) and you can only redeem one voucher per transaction.

Manchester Players if you’ve got more than one voucher you’ll need to make a number of transactions, so make sure you’re booking them into the same timeslot, otherwise, you won’t be on the same team as your friends. London folk, if you’ve got more than one voucher code to redeem, give us a call (0161 791 0727) and put our Customer Service Team to good use – They are rusty after all that sherry!

Once your booking is complete we’ll send your tickets via email so there will be no waiting impatiently for the pesky postman and you can stare lovingly and longingly at your tickets until your time comes to visit The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience!

Remember if you’ve got a number of vouchers to use or you’ve had one too many Babychams (other cheap, sparkling drinks are available) the night before, our ever helpful Customer Service team are on hand to make the whole process a piece of cake. Contact them on 0161 791 0727 or [email protected]

Please note even Customer service mazers need a break so lines are open between 10am and 4pm 27th – 30th December, before returning to normal from the 2nd January (9am-6pm daily).

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