We’ve had beer yoga, baby yoga and hot yoga… Now its time for #CrystalYoga!


London Crystal Yoga: https://ticket.the-crystal-maze.com/yoga-london/

Manchester Crystal Yoga: https://ticket.the-crystal-maze.com/yoga-manchester/

The Crystal Maze is all about flexing your mental and physical abilities and what better way to get you in the zone than Crystal Yoga!

Since the beginning of last year, beer yoga and other combined yoga classes have become a bit of an international obsession. Perhaps unsurprisingly, considering it combines two of life’s greatest activities!

With that in mind and Summer apparently, just around the corner, we have had the clever idea of launching our very own speciality yoga, which has proven to have quite the health benefits!

What is crystal yoga?
Crystal Yoga is an hour-long session of Vinyasa yoga, with a twist (of course!) – you’re using an ICONIC Crystal Maze Crystal! Our crystal yoga teachers have incorporated using the crystal into the yoga poses, in what is sure to be one of the most A-MAZE-ING sessions of yoga you’ve had in a while!

Where can you book to become a #CrystalYogi? 

Both our London and Manchester Maze’ will be putting on classes on 16th, 23rd and 30th June 2018 to be exact! from 08:00 – 09:00 AM.

In London, you will be doing the downward dog in the Crystal Dome, whilst in Manchester, you’ll be doing the warrior pose mid-Aztec, aside the feet of the Aztec Temple!

Are there health benefits to #CrystalYoga?
When crystals are used for yoga, it’s been said they can boost your concentration, flexibility and balance, in addition to eradicating the mental blocks. Just like various poses of yoga that appeal to you differently, crystals should be bonded with too. Crystals for Yoga and meditation has been used for ages. The golden rule to use crystals effectively for yoga is to clean it at the end of each session.


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