Introducing The MEGA CRYSTAL!

As seen on the ALL NEW Crystal Maze TV Show!

Mumsie has introduced a game-changing twist at both our London and Manchester mazes – the Mega Crystal* – giving players an extra chance to reach the top of the all-important leader board!

As seen on TV, the Mega Crystal will award players with an additional ten seconds to run around like headless chickens and grab as many tokens as possible in the iconic crystal dome.

These tokens will then be converted into an overall score to see if your team has risen to the final challenge.

If you are a team captain who might not be feeling too confident in your team’s abilities, or perhaps it’s your life-long dream to top the leaderboard, the Mega Crystal could be just what you need to add to your tactical game plan for £15.50.

But don’t rest on your laurels if you do purchase the Mega Crystal, as you and your team will still need to dash through the maze’s Medieval, Aztec, Industrial and Futuristic adventure zones and complete various challenges – skill, physical, mental and mystery – with the ultimate goal of winning a crystal to score even more time in the dome.

Based on the hit TV classic, the experience lasts approximately 75 minutes and both mazes now cater for players 13 years and over.

To book tickets and to play, visit: www.the-crystal-maze.com. All visits must be booked in advance and drinking before the Crystal Maze LIVE Experience will prohibit from participation with no refunds available.

*The mega crystal is only available to purchase on site and pre-booking is advised to avoid disappointment.

Book your Crystal Maze LIVE Experience by pre-booking via the website www.the-crystal-maze.com

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