It’s never too early to plan your Christmas Party…

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It’s official it’s halfway through the year, and your already thinking OMG Christmas is not that far away, or at least you are if you’re in charge of planning the Christmas party.

For most the Christmas party is the event of the season, a time to put the last 11 months behind you and focus on getting ready for a new year, new targets, and of course the all important Christmas break! We’ve got some top tips to help with your planning!

Mix up the teams, but make sure you spend enough time with your own department
Parties are a time of bond with other team members, but making sure your department knows how much you appreciate them is really important. Spend some time celebrating the successes of the year together!

Everyone does really love a Christmas meal
Often the first Christmas meal of the season, don’t be put off by a classic Christmas meal as part of your day out! It’s the season of cranberry sauce and turkey – embrace it!

Don’t opt for the obvious
A Christmas meal is lovely, but give your staff a bit more this year. A trip to do something excited, followed by dinner and drinks is pretty perfect! Here at The Crystal Maze HQ you get the best of both worlds, play the maze, and then enjoy dinner and drinks – want to dance, no problem, just let us know – DJs available on request!

Christmas jumpers area must
Yes everyone moans, but deep down a team that wears itchy novelty knitwear stays together – so don the snowman jumper, and get ready to start the festive season in style! #ShakeYourCrystalsItsChristmas

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