Maze Master Babs Joins Twitter

Babs is the first of our Maze Masters to set up a character account on Twitter and you can now follow Babs to get an idea about life in The Crystal Maze. Our pioneering Maze Master was actually raised by Richard O’Brien after he or she (Babs gender is not entirely clear) was left abandoned by the circus as a child. Originally shielded from The Crystal Maze, O’Brien gave his adopted child keys to another world after Ed Tudor-Pole met his untimely demise in 1996.

Besides recommending those who enter the maze “always work as a team as communication is key” Babs has one piece of sage advice for Crystal Maze virgins: “ALWAYS listen to your Maze Master, because Bab’s will tell you how it is!” For more self-absorbed gems and intimate access to the secrets of the Maze, follow Babs at @babulousbabs.

If you want to have Babs guide you round the actual maze, tickets are now on sale for our Crystal Maze Live Experience in London, as well as our new Crystal Maze Live Experience in Manchester, opening in April where, if you don’t encounter Babs, you’ll more than likely encounter another larger-than-life Maze Master.

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