Mazed and Confused – 5 Top Tips for Student Stress

Treat yo self!

As much as you may have survived the first semester on Strongbow dark fruits and ramen noodles alone, now is the time to spend a bit extra and treat yourself to the finer things. Whether its smoked salmon for breakfast or even just a fancy elderflower flavoured cider, making choices that are high in omega 3 – or that just feel like a bit of a treat – will undoubtedly brighten up those dreary revision days. You’re worth it!


A great way to manage your time is to make yourself a clear schedule, this way you can be sure that all the modules will be covered in the set amount of time. And the most important thing to not forget when making yourself a timetable brings us to our next point…

Regular Time Off!

You might think that slaving away at your desk in your tiny box room is completely necessary, but it is just as important to give yourself regularly, quality breaks. Rather than succumbing to the temptation of a late-night Netflix binge and waking up at 1pm feeling as grotty as the Friday after Factory, schedule guilt-free time to some fresh air.


It is proven that getting your heart racing improves mental state and, therefore prepares you for hard core hitting of the books. Get your blood, and adrenalin, pumping to keep your energy high and disposition upbeat.


Not becoming a hermit during exam period is almost as important as the studying itself. Studies have shown that not having friends can be as deadly to health as smoking, so arrange study groups, meet up for jogs even go for that cheeky pint (although you don’t need to be told that twice.

The Crystal Maze Live Experience

What activity combines almost all the above activities? Physical exercise, mind teasing puzzles AND fun with your friends..? The answer is, of course, The Crystal Maze Live Experience! Use your time off laughing and rolling around through the maze, the most guilt-free fun in Manchester that doesn’t require unattainably warm weather!

Despite reading these tips that you will no doubt hear in various forms from various places, it is inevitable that, despite good intentions, you will leave your work until the week before, and spend days and nights cramming in your pjs looking scarily like Howard from Fresh Meat. But regardless of your chosen method of study (or lack thereof), the stress is still real, and we at The Crystal Maze Live Experience think you deserve a break – you know you want to! Book your student night tickets here.

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