Meet A Maze Master – Enzo

Imagine you travel all the way from Italy to watch your team play football in the UK. You win, you’re happy, you get on a train to Crystal Palace, you sit opposite a man with no hair and the next you know you wake up in the Aztec Zone with a mouth full of sand. Enzo can’t remember his surname (to be fair he’s not sure Enzo is his real name), can only recall a few words in Italian and hasn’t got a clue what the Crystal Maze is or why he’s there. But he’s a caring chap. “If you get scared or want to cry, come talk with Enzo and you’ll get better,” he says in an Italian accent more dubious than reading it on the internet can ever give justice to. But he does give special prizes to people on teams he likes, such as biscotti and an even an all-expenses-paid trip to the Amalfi Coast.

Every team that enters The Crystal Maze does so with a Maze Master. Reprising the role of Richard O’Brien in the TV show they act as your guide and host, entertaining and educating you as they navigate you through our maze.

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