Original Crystal Maze Back On The Telly

The original Crystal Maze show is back on your TV screens. Having secured the rights to Series 1-6 of one of the most-popular shows of the ‘90s, Challenge TV is currently airing an episode every week day at 6pm. At the height of its popularity, The Crystal Maze was the most-watched TV show on Channel 4, regularly attracting between 4 million and 6 million viewers. And without it our live experience in London and our forthcoming live experience in Manchester wouldn’t exist!

So if you want to swot up on how a plumber from  Stoke-On Trent or a financial advisor from Cleethorpes would tackle a mystery game, ahead of trying our Maze out for yourself, we’d advise tuning in to Challenge TV.

Tickets and Gift Vouchers for our Crystal Maze Live Experience in London, as well as our new Crystal Maze Live Experience in Manchester, which opens in April, are now available.

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