Press Night at the Maze


“It was perfect.”

Time Out London


“Tons of fun and the adrenaline rush never lets up.”


“The. Best. Fun. Ever.”


“Exhilarating ride is worth every penny.”


Metro Online


Here at the Maze, we decided to do Press Night a little differently. We pit the various publications and media outlets against each other, to see who among them can take the challenge of The Crystal Maze!

We had The Fashion Magazine face off with Cosmopolitan vs Harper’s Bazaar vs Grazia vs In Style. Esquire also made a notable appearance.

The Battle of the Blogs with London on the Inside vs Matt the List vs Londonist vs The Nudge. Most of them were just happy to beat Time Out.

Absolute Radio even recorded their show while running around the Maze!

Even the national papers displayed their rivalry at The Crystal Dome! The Guardian and The Sun squared off against each other on the steps of The Dome. However, the Guardian ignored one of the Dome’s key rules: no grabbing tickets from the floor.  They were disqualified and exited the Dome to a chorus of boos. To which their Maze Master clarified: “Yes, that is in fact The Sun booing you.”

That wasn’t the end of the cheating however. The Daily Star were very competitive, and rather disappointed with their score. They asked if they could change the leaderboard to read their full name: The Daily Star on Sunday. But while they were correcting this, they also “amended” their score making it the highest! Even worse, they took a photo of their “score” and put it in the paper!

In the end the winners stood tall: Matt the List scored 387 gold tickets defeating not only their rival blogs but every other publication the country! In second place we had Grazia 372, beating all other fashion magazines, and in third we had The Nudge with 328 beating out many of their online rivals.

Check out the full press leaderboard:

Final Press Leaderboard

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