The 9 Different Types of Dads, that come to play The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience…

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Father’s Day is just around the corner, and whilst you know we love us a Mumsie (one in particular); it’s at this time of year we appreciate the Dads around us! So, take a look at the below and think honestly – is this how your dad would behave in the maze?

1) The Overly Protective DadThere is no way he is letting his baby boy/girl into a physical game! No, you’re a total genius, (you were always top of the class – in his eyes at least), it’s mystery games all the way for you!

2) The Ex-Army DadYour life growing up has been orderly and strict. For you and your team there is only one option- to get the most crystals and the most tokens. He’s got your team to its top efficiency – you laugh in the face of a 3-minute game!

3) The Best-Mate Dad
He’s supportive and yet teases you the right amount. For Best-mate dads, it’s not about the winning, it’s about the taking part together! And if you lose that crystal, he’ll pat you on the back, and give a sly shake of the head to mum!

4) The Bank of Dad, Dad
You don’t need to worry about paying for a trip to the maze for Father’s Day – he’s already planned and paid for it! #WeLoveThisDad

5) The Adventure Dad
You’re pretty sure you’ve heard the edited versions of his college stories, and he still thinks he can out wrestle you or your husband…Wait until he gets to the Aztec Zone… You just know he’s going to go all Harrison Ford on you…

6) The Classic Dad
The man’s man, the proper English man! He has a high sock tan line, and bought you your first beer when turning 18 (like it was rite of passage)- pack some pork scratchings, grab a bomber jacket, and see if he can maintain his cool when trying to weave through a web of laser beams!

7) The Social Dad
No story is properly told until recounted by Pops! He knows how to entertain your friends and tell all the embarrassing stories from your youth, out of love (eye roll).
You know as you approach The Maze he’ll be saying hello and starting conversations with almost everyone! You’ll be dragging him from the photo opportunities as he finds out our team’s favorite challenges. He’ll become instant bffs with your Maze Master, which will be great for clues, but no doubt he’ll get a lock-in from the lack of concentration!

8) Supportive Dad
He was at every one of your little league games and let you paint his toenails for your princess themed birthday parties – he’s the dad all your friends love! He’ll come and play The Crystal Maze with you and your pals, and his cheering will be the loudest every time.

9) Goofy Dad
“What time did the man go to the dentist? Toothhurty!” Dad jokes and puns are his second language. He’s got a deep belly laugh that you can’t help but join in with.
Goofy Dads love to have FUN and the Crystal Maze sounds like tremendous fun to Goofy Dad, it’s an… Acceptable place to be able to use his best pirate accent or will he choose to adopt the persona of Richard O’Brien? Either way, Goofy Dad will LOVE The Maze, for all the tremendous fun he’ll have!

Whatever type of dad your dad is, one thing we know for sure is he’s going to have an A-MAZE-ING time playing The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience, for the nostalgia, the competitiveness, the physicality and of course for the FUN! So, what are you waiting for… Give dad the best Father’s Day gift ever, to come and play THE CRYSTAL MAZE LIVE EXPERIENCE IN MANCHESTER OR LONDON!

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