Guess who’s back, back again, Wednesday’s are back, tell a friend…

Book your Wednesday show here!

With the return of the hit 90s tv show, appetite to take on The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience Manchester has increased and so have the show dates*

The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience Manchester has responded to a recent outcry from diehard fans of the iconic show by extending its show dates to Wednesday’s (from June 2018 onwards) as well as the Thursday-Sunday public shows!

Don’t risk being bored, stuck in traffic or stuck at home from June onward, when instead you could be having the time of your life with friends and family at The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience, Manchester! As an all-weather attraction, the inevitable Manchester showers won’t rain on your parade!

The whole experience is frantic and fun. Expect to be crawling, running and even sliding your way around the maze. It’s guaranteed to be the highlight of any weekend!

All visits must be booked in advance by visiting here and drinking before the Crystal Maze LIVE Experience will prohibit from participation with no refunds available.

*Additional Wednesday show’s now on sale from 01/06/2018 from 16:30PM
**Aged 13 and over but each party must be accompanied by one person aged over 18.

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