What’s Better Than A Selfie?

Besides the Maze Masters, Games and famous Zones, The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience Manchester is packed with other iconic moments!

If you have already been lucky enough to lose yourself in The Crystal Maze here in Manchester you would have already explored the zones, played some of the games and even won yourself a crystal or two. But what about the other, purely visual elements – the ones that our guests simply won’t be able to pass without posing for a photo?

Below are 5 of the most tempting photo opp ortunities available at the Manchester Crystal Maze LIVE Experience:

The Crystal Maze

Will You Start The Fans Please! (Gladly)

Richard O’Brien Mural

By the feet of the Aztec Temple

The Iconic Crystal Dome

The feet of the Aztec Temple and steps of The Crystal Dome itself are now locations where you and your team will have the opportunity to have a professional photograph taken and you’ll even have the chance to wear the iconic bomber jackets – in true Crystal Maze fashion.

These photos can be purchased at our gift shop as a souvenir of your time living your childhood dream playing The Crystal Maze. We have a wide range of souvenirs available to you including bomber jackets, crystals, magnets and keyring sets. You will also have the option of an FREE low-resolution digital copy of your photo which is uploaded to our Facebook page – please note Mumsie doesn’t upload ALL the photos taken in the Maze so you may wish to purchase just to be sure!

Remember to share your photos with Mumsie using our hashtag #CrystalMazeMCR and tag us using the below:

Instagram: @TheCrystalMaze
Twitter: @CrystalMazeHQ
Facebook: www.facebook.com/CrystalMazeLIVEExperience

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