Lockdown love in: a VIRTUAL Singles night

Lockdown love in: a VIRTUAL Singles night

happn and The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience bring locked down singles an action packed alternative to virtual dating this Valentine’s Day
happn and The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience launch free Valentine’s Day virtual dating for pandemic singles

This Valentine’s Day, happn and The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience are joining forces to offer the dating apps locked down singles an exclusive chance to ‘bubble-up’ in Dome From Home virtual dating events.

The free, for one day only, virtual group dating event is exclusively open to searching singles signed up to happn and designed to lower barriers and encourage communication.

The quirky and challenging virtual group activities, based on the popular 90s TV show, provide an immersive experience jam-packed with mental challenges against the clock. It’s all about teamwork, showing off skills and good old-fashioned competition – making it great for getting to know someone quickly, and especially seeing how they perform under pressure.

What is the VIRTUAL Crystal Maze LIVE Experience?

This is a new companion game to the LIVE experience, perfect for a fun (and most importantly remote) activity and a great prelude to a future visit in person!

You and your team will be joined via video conference by one of the Maze’s very own Maze Masters – your own gregarious guide – as you travel through a virtual tour of The Crystal Maze’s four zones.

Along the way, you will tackle 16 new puzzles and challenges created especially for this game, screaming ‘helpful advice’ at each other through tiny (albeit digital) windows as the time ticks away just like on the show.

Once you have completed your games, your entire team will face the new Virtual Crystal Dome, specially made for this experience where you can grab as many (virtual) gold “tokens” as possible and hopefully make the Play at Home leaderboard!


How does singles night work?

  • Singles night is at 8pm, Sunday 14th February, for happn users.
  • Register for your FREE place on the form below – there are plenty of spaces, but it is first come first serve, so don’t wait!
  • We’ll match you up with a team of other players, matched by dating preference, for you to virtually mingle with.
  • Sign up before 12th February to get your spot.
  • You’ll receive your joining link via a confirmation email 24 hours before.
  • Each player will need their own computer/device to play.
  • We will follow up with teams afterwards to help put you in touch with anyone you might spark with.