WANTED – Maze Masters For Manchester

We’re currently recruiting both male and female Maze Masters for our new Crystal Maze Live Experience in Manchester, which opens later this year. All applications should be sent to casting@the-crystal-maze.com and previous experience in immersive or interactive theatre is essential. The closing date for applications is 27 January 2017.

Reprise the role of Richard O’Brien and become a member of a new generation of Crystal Maze guides. In this immersive experience based on the popular 90s game show, each Maze Master guides a team of eight audience members through four adventure time zones – Aztec, Futuristic, Industrial and Medieval. The Maze Master must advise and adjudicate as their team takes on challenges that test their mental and physical skills.

Our Maze Masters need to be witty and charismatic, able to think on their feet and facilitate the audience experience. Previous experience in immersive or interactive theatre is essential. We are looking for incredibly confident performers with drama school training and some background in interactive theatre.

If selected for audition, it is very important you give some imaginative thought to the character you will be creating. We will be working with each actor to draw out and create a new Maze Master persona, but the more you can bring to the table earlier, the fuller your character will be. Where are they from? How do they dress? How do they speak? What is their physicality? How would you describe them in a few words?

The world of The Crystal Maze is one of fun and irreverence, but the characters you create have to be grounded in reality and you must be able to sustain and develop them over the course of the run.

Closing Date
27 January 2017

Rehearsal Dates
1st -14th March 2017, followed by one week of previews and one week of Press Previews.

Production Run
April 1st 2017 – ongoing

Production Location
Old Granada Studios, Manchester, United Kingdom

Tickets are now on sale for our Crystal Maze Live Experience in London, as well as our new Crystal Maze Live Experience in Manchester, which opens in April.

See you in Aztec!

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