Full Polly Open 1 Scaled



30th Mar 2023

Since 2023 is becoming the year of the 90’s nostalgia, we had our very own 90s inspired, pocket-sized miniature made to celebrate! The design features miniscule versions of the four famous Zones and a tiny Richard O’Brien and Richard Ayoade (who measure a dinky 2cm tall!). It is complete with a one-of-a-kind Crystal Dome with floating gold and silver ‘tokens.’ The design neatly collapses away into a small folding compact.

Developed by renowned miniaturist and star of Channel 4’s ‘Great Big Tiny Design Challenge’, Bexie Bush, 40 years after the famous pocket-sized dollhouse was originally created, the miniature is just 12cm wide and 7.5cm tall. The rare design features approximately 2,000 grains of sand in the Aztec Zone, 75 pieces of tiny straw carved from just one cocktail stick in the Medieval Zone and 100 pieces of microscopic 0.25mm wire to create the structure of the Crystal Dome. The rope ladder is made from just 4cm of embroidery thread and 0.5mm of cocktail stick and the tiny treasure chest (hidden behind a secret door!) measures just 2.5mm by 5mm.

Meticulously painted and designed with intricate tools including a magnifying glass, teeny paint brushes and tweezers, key design features include the distinctive brickwork of the Medieval Zone, complete with trailing growing ivy. The compact Maze also includes tiny leaves representing the palms in the Aztec Zone and rusted small barrels in the Industrial Zone. Other highlights include a slide, which can also be found in the real-life version of the Crystal Maze LIVE Experience and a unique Crystal Dome made from resin, alongside two miniature versions of the games you can play at the attractions in London and Manchester.

Tom Lionetti-Maguire, CEO and Founder of Little Lion Entertainment Limited, commented on the miniature Maze, “This year for the Crystal Maze LIVE Experience, it’s all about nostalgia. We’re celebrating everything 90s in both of our attractions in London and Manchester. I just love Bexie’s design, it’s amazing to see some of the intricacies of the real-life attraction in miniscule form! I am a particular fan of the mini-Richard Ayoade with his famous hand staff.”

Bexie Bush commented on her design: “Being a 90s girl, I grew up playing with these kinds of toys and watching the Crystal Maze, so this was a perfect project for me. Once I start, I really get obsessed with the details – I could have easily worked on this for a year! This miniature maze is my smallest creation I’ve made to date and designing the box and zones was like an elaborate jigsaw puzzle making sure everything fitted and worked, like the rotating bookcase with hidden treasure!”